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Label : Roulé
Date : Aug 7, 2000
Country : France
Format : 12

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Released in 2000, named ‘Together′, it was from Thomas Bangalter’s Label named Roulé. By himself and DJ Falcon (Stephan Queme), an excellent ‘French House Music’ track completely timeless.

together-02The track ‘Together‘ is the first track of TOGETHER aka Thomas Bangalter (1/2 Daft Punk) and DJ Falcon. A ‘French House‘ track now legendary for every worshiper of the ‘French Touch‘ movement. Taking up a voice from the movie ‘Pleasantville‘ (1998), a sample of Slave (Because of You) and a voice from Sweet Sensation (Sincerely Yours). Daft Punk used this track for the reminder of their concert named ALIVE 2007. Note that Stephane Queme (Falcon) has done some remixes for Justice, Alex Gopher and just made an excellent version of a track from his cousin, the great Alan Braxe.

together-02Le morceau ‘Together’ est le premier track du groupe TOGETHER aka Thomas Bangalter (1/2 Daft Punk) et DJ Falcon. Un track de ‘French House‘ désormais légendaire pour tout adorateur du mouvement ‘French Touch‘. Reprenant un vocal du film ‘Pleasantville‘ (1998) ainsi qu’un sample de Slave (Because of You) et un vocal de Sweet Sensation (Sincerely Yours). Les Daft Punk ont utilisé ce morceau pour le rappel de leur concert nommé ALIVE 2007. A noter que Stephane Quême (Falcon) vient de faire quelques remix pour Justice, Alex Gopher et vient de sortir il y a peu une excellente version d’un morceau de son cousin, le grand Alan Braxe.

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