Romanthony – Hold On

  1. Romanthony - Hold On (Classic Vocal)
  2. Romanthony - Hold On (R&B Vocal)
  3. Romanthony - Hold On (Got A Grip Dubb)

Release Details

Label : Roulé
Date : 1999
Country : France
Format : 12

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Roulé 307 – Seventh EP

Released in 1999, named ‘Hold On′, it was from Thomas Bangalter’s Label named Roulé. By Romanthony, the singer of ‘One More Time’ by Daft Punk.


Romanthony aka Anthony Moore is a DJ/producer and singer mostly known for having a very similar voice to the big PRINCE (Prince Rogers Nelson). Having bathed in several styles such as Hip-Hop, R & B and it’s for his talent for House Music that Thomas Bangalter noticed him. An EP on Roulé appeared under the name of ‘Hold On‘, containing 3 versions of a single track. Subsequently, we were able to recognize the voice of the House Prince in the tracks ‘One More Time‘ and ‘Too Long‘ from the album Discovery by Daft Punk. In 2010, he released a new single called ‘B 2 Nite‘ with ‘House Music‘ Sounds rather commercial.


Romanthony aka Anthony Moore est un DJ/Producteur et surtout chanteur connu pour avoir un timbre de voix très similaire au grand PRINCE (Prince Rogers Nelson). Après avoir baigné dans plusieurs styles tels que le Hip-Hop, le R & B c’est son talent pour la House Music que Thomas Bangalter a remarqué. Un EP chez Roulé fit son apparition sous le nom de ‘Hold On‘, contenant 3 versions d’un seul et même track. Par la suite, nous avons pu reconnaître la voix de ce ‘Prince de la House‘ dans les morceaux ‘One More Time‘ et ‘Too Long‘ de l’album Discovery des Daft Punk. En 2010, il a sorti un dernier single nommé ‘B 2 Nite‘ au sonorité plutôt House commerciale.

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