Irréversible – Original Soundtrack

Thomas Bangalter
  1. Thomas Bangalter - Irréversible
  2. Thomas Bangalter - Tempus Edax Rerum
  3. Gustav Mahler - Symphony N° 9 In D Major - Adagio
  4. Thomas Bangalter - Rectum
  5. Thomas Bangalter - Night Beats
  6. Thomas Bangalter - Stress
  7. Thomas Bangalter - Paris By Night
  8. Thomas Bangalter - Outrage
  9. Thomas Bangalter - Outrun
  10. Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Scratch
  11. Thomas Bangalter - Extra Dry
  12. Thomas Bangalter - Désaccords
  13. Thomas Bangalter - Ventura / Into The Tunnel
  14. Etienne Daho - Mon Manège A Moi
  15. Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony N° 7 In A Major Op. 92
  16. Thomas Bangalter - The End

Release Details

Label : Roulé
Date : Jun 24, 2002
Country : Around the World
Format : CD

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Roulé CD1

Released in 2002, named ‘Irréversible – Original Soundtrack′, it was from Thomas Bangalter’s Label named Roulé. By himself and other musicians, for a soundtrack of ‘Irrevesible’ soundtrack by Gaspard Noé.


After the release of the album ‘Discovery‘, Thomas Bangalter took care of ‘Irreversible‘ soundtrack by Gaspard Noé (Enter the Void, Seul contre tous). The soundtrack includes tracks from ‘Trax On Da Rocks 1 & 2‘, as well as new productions made ​​for the film such as ‘Night Beats‘, ‘Rectum‘, ‘Paris by Night‘ and many more. Beethoven, Gustav Mahler and Etienne Daho complete the Tracklist but have clearly not been present in the Canadian version. Subsequently, the tracks ‘Extry Dry‘ and ‘Outrun‘ were part of the soundtrack for the racing game called Midnight Club II. Note that Thomas played like ‘Sound Designer‘ for the last film of Gaspard Noé, Enter the Void.


Après la sortie de l’album ‘Discovery‘, Thomas Bangalter s’est occupé de la bande originale du film ‘Irréversible‘ de Gaspard Noé (Enter the Void, Seul contre tous). La BO comprend des morceaux des EPs ‘Trax On Da Rocks 1 & 2‘ mais aussi de nouvelles productions composées pour le film tels que ‘Night Beats‘, ‘Rectum‘, ‘Paris by Night‘ et bien d’autre. Beethoven, Etienne Daho et Gustav Mahler complètent la trackliste mais n’ont visiblement pas été présents dans la version Canadienne. Par la suite, les morceaux ‘Extry Dry‘ et ‘Outrun‘ ont fait parti de la BO du jeu de course nommé Midnight Club II. A noter que Thomas a joué le rôle de ‘Sound Designer‘ dans le dernier film de Noé, Enter the Void.

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