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Contact (2013) █ The Sherbs – We Ride Tonight (1982) ◣

The SherbsSherbet (aka Highway or The Sherbs) are one of the most prominent and successful Australian rock bands of the 1970s. The ‘classic line-up’ of Daryl Braithwaite on vocals, Tony Mitchell on bass guitar, Garth Porter on keyboards, Alan Sandow on drums, and Clive Shakespeare on guitar provided their teen-orientated pop style. More details about The Sherbs

DafTeknik : The last track of the album ‘Random Access Memories‘ actually contains two samples, one of the Australian band ‘The Sherbs‘ with the melody of the intro recovery in general theme, coupled with a record of an astronaut from Apollo Mission 16 and 17.

DafTeknik : Le dernier morceau de l’album ‘Random Access Memories‘ contient en réalité deux samples, un du groupe Australien ‘The Sherbs‘ avec la mélodie d’intro reprise en thème général, couplé d’un enregistrement d’un astronaute de la Mission Apollo 16 et 17.

Daft Punk – Contact00m00s / synth

The Sherbs – We Ride Tonight (sampled) ▲ 00m00s / synth

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