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◢  One More Time (2001) █  Eddie Johns – More Spell on You (1979) ◣

Discovery - One More Time« One More Time » is believed to contain a sample of « More Spell on You » by Eddie Johns, but this is uncredited in the Discovery liner notes. Thomas Bangalter reportedly denied using any samples for the song. The song ‘More Spell on You‘ was recorded in Paris and produced by Daniel Vangarde, the father of Thomas Bangalter.  More details …

DafTeknik : ‘One More Time‘ is a perfect example of micro-sampling handled with a rare mastery. A small trumpet portion was taken from ‘More Spell on You‘ to make a completely different melody completely unstoppable. One of the biggest global success of the group that deserves great respect.

DafTeknik : ‘One More Time‘ est un parfait exemple de micro-sampling manipulé avec une rare maîtrise. Une petite partie de trompette a été prise de ‘More Spell on You‘ pour créer une mélodie complètement différente et irrésistible. Un des plus gros succès mondial du groupe, méritant un grand respect.

Daft Punk – One More Time (micro-sampled) ▲ 00m01s / trumpet

Eddie Johns – More Spell on You00m18s and 2m20s / trumpet

◢  Aerodynamic  (2001) █  Sister Sledge – Il Macquillage Lady (1982) ◣

Discovery Sisters Sledge Sister Sledge is an American musical group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formed in 1971 and consisting of four sisters: Kim Sledge (born August 21, 1957), Debbie Sledge (born July 9, 1954), Joni Sledge (born September 13, 1955), and Kathy Sledge (born January 6, 1959). They are granddaughters of the former opera singer Viola Williams. More details …

DafTeknik : An early largely inspired by the bells of the song ‘Hells Bells‘ the legendary rock band ‘AC/DC‘, the track ‘Aerodynamic‘ known for his solo guitar more that huge and also subject to a micro-sample. This is a guitar riff borrowed from ‘Sister Sledge‘ once again replayed perfectly. An example for all electronic music producer.

DafTeknik : Un début largement inspiré par les cloches du morceau ‘Hells Bells’, venant du légendaire groupe de rock ‘AC/DC’, le track ‘Aerodynamic‘ connu pour son grand solo de guitare (joué au synthé) est aussi soumis à un micro-sample. Il s’agit d’un riff de guitare empruntée à ‘Sister Sledge‘ une fois de plus rejoué à la perfection. Un exemple pour tout producteur de musique électronique.

Daft Punk – Aerodynamic00m17s / guitar

AC/DC – Hells Bells (inspiration) ▲ 00m01s / bell sound

Sister Sledge – IL Macquillage Lady (sampled) ▲ 00m16s / guitar

◢  Digital Love  (2001) █  George Duke – I Love You More (1979) ◣

Discovery George Duke Duke‘s songs have been used by a wide variety of contemporary musicians in a wide array of genres. These include: « I Love You More« , sampled by house music-act Daft Punk for their hit « Digital Love »; « Guilty », sampled by electronica music artist Mylo in his song « Guilty of Love » on Destroy Rock & Roll. « For Love », sampled by underground hip hop artist More details …

DafTeknik : ‘Digital Love‘ has a large sample of ‘George Duke‘ and his track ‘I Love You More‘. Instruments added with a filtered speech, this track very ‘old school‘ is a very good track.

DafTeknik : ‘Digital Love‘ a un gros sample de ‘George Duke‘ et son morceau ‘I Love You More‘. Instruments ajoutés avec des parole filtrés, ce morceau très ‘old school‘ est une très bon morceau.

Daft Punk – Digital Love00m07s / synth

George Duke – I Love You More (sampled) ▲ 00m01s / synth

◢  Harder Better Faster Stronger (2001) █  Edwin Birdsong – Cola Bottle Baby (1979) ◣

Discovery Edwin BirdsongEdwin L. Birdsong (born August 22, 1951) is a keyboard/organ player who was known in the ’70s and ’80s for his experimental funk/disco music. He never achieved chart success, but developed a strong fan base, and has also been sampled by other artists many times, most famously by Daft Punk who sampled « Cola Bottle Baby » in « Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger« . More details …

DafTeknik : ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger‘ also has a large sample of ‘Cola Bottle Baby‘ with many instruments. The great merit of this track lies in the discovery of this sample but also in a majestic voice processed by ‘vocoder‘ turning then into electric guitar. The ‘robotic‘ track from the album.

DafTeknik : ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger‘ dispose également d’un grand sample de ‘Cola Bottle Baby‘ avec de nombreux instruments. Le grand mérite de ce titre réside dans la découverte de ce sample, mais aussi d’une voix majestueuse traitées avec un ‘vocoder’ joué comme une guitare électrique. Le morceau ‘Robotique‘ de l’album.

Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger00m05s / synth, bass, rhythm

Edwin Birdsong – Cola Bottle Baby (sampled) ▲ 00m00s / synth, bass, rhythm

◢  Crescendolls  (2001) █  Little Anthony and the Imperials – Can You Imagine (1977) ◣

Discovery Little Thony Little Anthony and the Imperials released their first new LP in several years in October 2008, entitled « You’ll Never Know« , and they performed on the Late Show With David Letterman on August 26, 2008. On their Discovery album, the electronic music duo Daft Punk sampled Little Anthony and the Imperials’ 1977 recording of « Can You Imagine » for the track « Crescendolls ». More details …

DafTeknik : ‘Crescendolls‘ is a track that has a very festive atmosphere and good spirit. It has a bass and guitar sample from a very disco track ‘Can You Imagine’ by Little Anthony and The Imperials. A must for every big event.

DafTeknik : ‘Crescendolls‘ est un track qui a une atmosphère très festive et bon esprit. Il a une basse et un son de guitare venant d’un sample très disco ‘Can You Imagine‘ par Little Anthony and The Imperials. Un must pour tous les grands événements.

Daft Punk – Crescendolls00m23s / guitar, bass

Little Anthony and The Imperials – Can You Imagine (sampled) ▲ 00m01s / guitar, bass

◢  Superheroes (2001) █  Barry Manilow – Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed (1979) ◣

Discovery Barry Manilow Barry Manilow (born June 17, 1943)[1] is an American singer-songwriter and producer. He is best known for such recordings as « Could It Be Magic », « Mandy », « Can’t Smile Without You », and « Copacabana (At the Copa). » In 1978, five of his albums were on the best-selling charts simultaneously, a feat equalled only by Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and Johnny Mathis More details …

DafTeknik : In the excellent track ‘Superheroes‘ acting intergalactic stroll with superheroes alongside an efficient and sustained energy, also has a sample. ‘Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed‘ which was rebuilt with two reattached portions of the voice. As truly magical with a unique dimention.

DafTeknik : L’excellent morceau ‘Superheroes‘ évoque une promenade intergalactique aux côtés de super-héros. Une énergie efficace et durable, également soumise à un sample ‘Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed‘, découpé et reconstruit avec deux portions de la voix. Un vraie magie sonore, unique.

Daft Punk – Superheroes00m25s / voice

Barry Manilow – Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed (sampled) ▲ 00m35s / voice

◢  High Life  (2001) █  Tavares – Break Down For Love (1980) ◣

Discovery Tavares Tavares (also known as The Tavares Brothers) are a successful American R&B, funk and soul music group, composed of five Cape Verdean-American brothers from New Bedford, Massachusetts. The Tavares brothers from New Bedford, Massachusetts, whose parents were of Cape Verde descent, started performing in 1959 as Chubby and the Turnpikes when the youngest brother was 9 years old. More details …

DafTeknik : Same for the cult track ‘High Life‘, a vocal sample of ‘Break Down For Love‘ with a small rate effect. Added to a production completely danceable and catchy. One of the best pieces on the album, for sure!

DafTeknik : Idem pour la morceau culte ‘High Life‘, un sample vocal de ‘Break Down For Love‘ avec un effet sonore saisissant. Ajouté à une production totalement dansante et accrocheuse. Un des meilleurs morceaux de l’album, c’est certain!

Daft Punk – High Life00m01s / voice

Tavares – Break Down For Love (sampled) ▲ 00m36s / voice

◢  Voyager  (2001) █  Oliver Cheatham – Get Down Saturday Night (1983) ◣

Discover Oliver Oliver Cheatham (born 1948, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.[1]) is an American singer. He now resides in Surrey in England. Cheatham had a few hits in the 1980s, and he returned to the charts in 2003, when he was featured in Room 5’s UK #1 single, « Make Luv », which sampled his 1983 song « Get Down Saturday Night« . There is an inspiration on the rythm for the track « Voyager » from Daft Punk. More details …

DafTeknik : For ‘Voyager‘, a completely magical piece with a bass line completely astounding. The rhythmic also has a sample as ‘kicks/snares‘, we can recognize a similarity to the legendary song disco/funk ‘Get Down Saturday Night‘. Just a gem sound for ‘French House‘ lovers!

DafTeknik : Pour ‘Voyager‘, une track complètement ésotérique avec une ligne de basse incroyable. La rythmique a également un sample de ‘kicks/snares’, on peut reconnaître une similitude au légendaire morceau disco/funkGet Down Saturday Night‘. Juste un petit bijou pour les amoureux de ‘French House‘!

Daft Punk – Voyager00m01s / kick, clap, snare

Oliver Cheatham – Get Down Saturday Night00m02s / kick, clap, snare

◢  Short Circuit (2001) █  Prince – Ballad of Dorothy Parker (1987) ◣

Discovery Prince Prince (born Prince Rogers Nelson; June 7, 1958) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He has produced ten platinum albums and thirty Top 40 singles during his career. « Short Circuit » is the twelfth track from Daft Punk‘s second studio album, Discovery. « The Ballad of Dorothy Parker » by Prince is not directly sampled but redone by Daft Punk. More details …

DafTeknik : ‘Short Circuit‘ was a piece that begin in a live like ‘Rollin ‘& Strachin‘. We can recognize some guitar sounds present in the song ‘Ballad of Dorothy Parker‘ by the legendary Prince.

DafTeknik : ‘Short Circuit‘ est un morceau né en Live tout comme le légendaire ‘Rollin & Strachin‘. Nous pouvons reconnaître certains sons de guitare présents dans la chanson Ballad of Dorothy Parker du king PRINCE.

Daft Punk – Short Circuit01m39s / synth

Prince – Ballad of Dorothy Parker (sampled) ▲ 00m01s / synth

◢  Face to Face (2001) █  Electric Light Orchestra – Evil Woman (1975) ◣

Discovery Evil Woman Electric« Evil Woman » is a song written by lead vocalist Jeff Lynne and recorded by Electric Light Orchestra. First released on the band’s fifth album, 1975’s Face the Music. Released as a single in late-1975, the song became the band’s first worldwide hit. According to Jeff Lynne this song was the quickest he had ever written, in thirty minutes More details …

DafTeknik : Here again with ‘Face To Face‘, the art of how to remake a song with a ‘micro-sample‘. Indeed it’s a little guitar riff taken from ‘Evil Woman‘ completely replay to give a memorable track, once again.

DafTeknik : Une fois de plus, avec ‘Face to Face‘, l’art et la manière de refaire un morceau avec un ‘micro-sample‘. En effet, c’est un riff de guitare peu pris de ‘Evil Woman‘ complètement rejoué pour donner une titre mémorable, une fois de plus.

Daft Punk – Face To Face00m08s / guitar

Electric Light Orchestra – Evil Woman (micro-sampled) ▲ 01m16s / guitar

◢  Too Long  (2001) █  Rose Royce – First Come, First Serve (1978) ◣

Discovery Rose Rose Royce is an American soul and R&B group. They are best known for several hit singles during the 1970s including « Car Wash, » « I Wanna Get Next to You, » « I’m Going Down », « Wishing on a Star », and « Love Don’t Live Here Anymore ». The rythm (more speed) was inspirated by Daft Punk for their track ‘Too Long‘. More details …

DafTeknik : ‘Too Long‘, as the name suggests, is the longest of all the tracks of the album. We can ear a hand clap sound set in fast. This is a micro-sample of ‘First come First serve‘ accompanying all this epic ‘House Music‘.

DafTeknik : ‘Too Long‘, comme son nom l’indique, est le plus long de tous les morceaux de l’album. On peut écouter un ensemble de sons assimilés à des applaudissements. Il s’agit d’un ‘micro-sample‘ de ‘First come First serve‘ accompagnant tout le long de cette fantastique ‘House Music‘.

Daft Punk – Too Long00m01s / snare, clap

Rose Royce – First come First serve00m09s / snare, clap

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