The New Wave

Daft Punk – The New Wave
  1. The New Wave (Edit)
  2. The New Wave (Full Lenght)
  3. Assault
  4. Alive (New Wave Final Mix)

Release Details

Label : Soma Quality Recordings
Date : Apr 11, 1994
Country : UK
Format : Vinyl

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‘The New Wave’ was the debut first single released by Daft Punk in 1994 on their previous label, Soma Records. Later that year, it was released again, but this time, with a UMM label under license from Soma Records.

Daft Punk released the first single in 1994, called ‘The New Wave‘ on Soma Quality Recordings. The same year, it was released again, but with a UMM label under Soma Records’ license. Later, the track changed and was named ‘Alive‘, which features on their first album Homework, released in 1997. ‘Assault‘, another duo’s track came along with it, but this single is now very tricky to find.

Daft Punk sortit leur premier single en 1994 : ‘The New Wave‘ sur Soma Quality Recordings. La même année, il sortit encore, mais sous UMM, un label sous licence Soma Records. Plus tard, le titre changea de nom et se vit appelé ‘Alive‘, qui figure sur leur premier album Homework, sorti en 1997. ‘Assault‘, un autre morceau du duo, accompagne le titre, mais ce single est maintenant très difficile à trouver.

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